Week Without Walls day 1-3

This year’s Week Without Walls has been full of wonder, inquiry, and learning. I was chosen in the Cultural Triangle trip whose main theme was learning the history of Sri Lanka and we went to 4 of Sri Lanka’s most historical cities (sites) which were Anuradhapura, Ritigala, Polonaruwa, and Dambulla. We all were assigned a task to do throughout the trip which was to make a travelouge that introduces and explains about the sites. We were in groups of 4 and everyone in a group had to take a different role everyday: interviewer, director, narrator, and videographer.

The biggest stupa in Anuradhapura (Day1)

We spent the most of the time moving on the first day and started visiting the sites on the second day. We visited about 7 temples in Anuradhapura and learned about the buddhisum in Sri Lanka at that time. The most intriguing was the biggest stupa in Anuradhapura built about 2000 years ago. (shown above) Even though it was built 2000 years ago, the size and perfectly round shape really surprised me. I was the director this day, so planned and directed the scenes in general. For example, where the narrator stands and explains, how to captures the site, and whether the cameraman moves with the narrator. I worked with the other members and created good scenes for the travelogue (LO5 Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively) Also I took initiative by being a director on the first day when everyone was confused of what we were supposed to do. (LO3 Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience)

One of the ruins that is assumed to be a dining room in Ritigala monastery (Day2)

The second day was spent mostly in Ritigala. We went to the ruins of monastery in the mountain where monks used to meditate and practice Buddhism. Different than Anuradhapura where there were a lot of monks, the Ritigala monastery was a place for a few of more experienced  monks who actually tried to reach nirvana because it was a serene and secluded place. I liked this place because going up the mountain and walking through the ruins, i could actually feel what the monks would have felt. I also could imagine what the monastery would have been like looking at the ruins.


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